Sonntag 16.06.2024   18:30

Christophe Fellay - Protest Engraving / Polisonum - SUPERIMPOSITION

18:30 Uhr: Christophe Fellay - Protest Engraving (Performance) 
Zeughausareal (meeting point Walcheturm)
19:00 Uhr: Polisonum - SUPERIMPOSITION (Temporary video-installation)
Kunstraum Walcheturm
19:20 Uhr: Round table and discussion with the artists Polisonum and Christopher Fellay and curators
Kunstraum Walcheturm 
20:00 Uhr: Drink at Walcheturm

SUPERIMPOSITION is an artistic project by Polisonum that investigates the theme of listening and takes shape through the encounter of multiple disciplinary fields including sound, data analysis, fashion and visual arts. SUPERIMPOSITION explores the concept of earworms, namely all those sound agents that coercively graft themselves into the brain to become parasites and provoke cognitive control mechanisms. The project consists of a performative act, a video work and a sound piece which will be presented through a temporary installation at Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zurich) in cooperation with OTO SOUND MUSEUM. This will be followed by a round table and discussion with the artists, curators Francesca Ceccherini, Anastasia Chaguidouline, Irene Grillo (Alte Fabric, Rapperswil) and Patrick Huber. SUPERIMPOSITION is supported by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture under the Italian Council program (2023).

Protest Engraving is a performance that questions the discipline of sound archaeology, between science and fiction, based on the idea that sound leaves traces of its interaction with the material. Thanks to the natural phenomenon of sound erosion, the surface of the exterior walls of the Zeughausareal in Zürich contain the memory of its military past, including the sound signals emitted by the drums transmitting orders to the soldiers. Christophe Fellay proposes to engrave on the walls and arches of the armory sounds of an amplified drumming composed from slogans chanted by peace activists during a protest calling for an end to the war in Gaza in January 2024. This performative intervention is part of OTO SOUND MUSEUM program taking place at Kaserne, Zeughausareal, and curated by Zaira Oram.
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Polisonum (Filippo Lilli, Donato Loforese) is an artistic collective using sound as a method and device of investigation to explore processes and metamorphoses linked to the present time. It is characterized by a research-based approach directed at listening to and interpreting the spaces in which it operates through sound installations and performative acts in strong dialogue with visual languages. Thanks to its hybrid identity, Polisonum realizes projects that feed on a practice of study and analysis in relation to other fields of knowledge. Polisonum's work has been shown in several institutions and festivals, among others: Una boccata d'arte (AV), Fondazione Volume (RM), Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (CH), Palazzo Altemps (RM), Palazzo Pallavicini (BO), Romaeuropa Festival (RM), OTO Sound Museum Zurich (CH), The Others (TO). The collective collaborates with La Sapienza University of Rome Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering on the Green Network project for the Public Space Biennial. In 2018 Polisonum received the Special "Utopia" Award of the Talent Prize and in 2016 the Best Unpublished Work Award during The Others. Over time the collective has released several vinyls, among the latest Passi 13'36'' in collaboration with the artist Alfredo Pirri.

Christophe Fellay is sound artist, musician, composer, performer and improviser. He has presented interdisciplinary works, sound installations and performances on several continents, and has composed sound works and music for ensembles, solo instruments, radio, theatre, film, video, choreography and performance art. His work has been presented internationally in London (ICA, Kings Place, London Jazz Festival), Edinburgh (Fringe Festival, University of Edinburgh), Cambridge University, Paris (CCS, St Merry), Montreux Jazz Festival (Miles Davis Hall), Copenhagen (Christians Kirke), Zurich (Kunstmuseum), Geneva, Bern (Dampfzentrale), New York (601 Artspace), San Francisco (Exploratorium, Swissnex), Seattle (1412), Atlanta Music Festival, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Johannesburg (JAG, Center For The Less Good Idea), Pretoria university, Cape Town (Mahogani Room) and Windhoek. Christophe Fellay holds a PhD in Art, Music and Performance from the Brunel University, London, and is associate professor, researcher and head of the Bachelor's degree in Sound at EDHEA (university of the arts) within the HES-SO in Switzerland. His research and artistic interests focus on indisciplinarity, improvisation, active listening, acoustic phenomena, space, sound and architecture, documentation and archiving, soundscape ecology, digital art and participatory art. In his performance research, he is particularly interested in the interaction between gesture, movement and sound.