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Samstag 11.09.2021   20:30

Fast Forward I - (Ir)reale Stimmen

Fast Forward I - (Ir)reale Stimmen


Chloé Bieri, Performance, Stimme

Huihui Cheng - Me Du Ça (2016)
für Sopran und Elektronik

Léo Collin - Hors Piste (2020, Uraufführung)
für Stimme und Elektronik

Mathieu Corajod - (ir)eale Stimmen (2020, Uraufführung)
für Stimme und Elektronik

Chloé Bieri - Echos of Queens (2020, Uraufführung)
für Stimme und Elektronik

Stanislas Pili - Sostanza (2020, Uraufführung)
für Stimme und Elektronik


Concert for three performers, video, laptops, various microphones, instruments and objects
Concept, realisation, text: Raphaël Belfiore
Benjamin Jaton (e-bass, electronics and objects)
Killian Perret-Gentil (e-guitar, electronics and objects)
Raphaël Belfiore (electronics and objects)

Embedded works from:
Peter Ablinger / G. Douglas Barrett / John Cage / Nicolas Collins / Dick Higgins / Takehisa Kosugi / Christine Kozlov / Johannes Kreidler / Bruce Naumann / Paul Whitty and others….
Postproductions is a project in which the curation of a concert is made into a compositional activity. Found historical and recent text-scores, all prescribing the (mis-)use of sound recording and transmission media, are presented not only in sequence, but also in parallel to- and as parts of each other in order to form a unified situation. In accordance with the ambivalent status of the verbal score, between text, concrete event and documented trace, the works are indifferently presented under one or another of these forms.


Ein Konzert der ignm zürich

Eintritt: CHF 25.- / 15.-