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Freitag 03.03.2023   20:00

Ronosterabak - RöstiBrücke 2023

20h Loïc Grobéty
20h30 Oratorio Virtuale
22h Tout Bleu

Loïc Grobéty (VD) - A Cordes Perdues
double bass solo, acoustic drone and objects

"silence, resilience, introspection, poetry, rustling..." this project presents acoustic explorations with influences that are ranging from contemporary music and jazz with the energy of death metal and the sonic abstraction of improvisation. By repetition and microphonic development creates both a chaotic and harmonious sound atmosphere. My century-old wood instrument vibrates with beats that reminds the electronic beats, all performed with two bows and various objects. A quite classical instrument being revisited by the use of extended techniques for an innovative result.

Alberto Barberis, Bera Romairone (TI) - Oratorio Virtuale
Audiovisual immersion, electronics and saxophone

Oratorio Virtuale is an electroacoustic rework of the baroque oratorio San Giovanni Battista composed in 1675 by Alessandro Stradella. An A/V experience of strong emotional impact, that explodes as an act of rebellion of ancestral and proto-human forces. Ineluctable natural forces, always capable of renewal, overcoming even the hyper-technology domination of our times.

Simon Aubert, Pol, Luciano Turella, Naomi Mabanda (GE) - Tout Bleu
classic post industrial beats and strings

Tout Bleu is a musical project from Geneva, and it districates between electronic and lyrical effort, and a baroque noise sound. Their second album, Otium, was released for Les Disques Bongo Joe, with an obscure and plastically ethereal energy; minimal string lines and a fervid synthetical creativity encounter themselves, where these well-ordered structures are diversified through different progressive ideas, adding weird elements and a noise attitude. Swiss and worldwide sounds in the name of an interesting craftsmanship between no wave and post punk, both in a broad sense.

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RöstiBrücke 2023 is the second part of an annual series of trans-linguistic-regional music exchange in Switzerland. Initiated right after the pandemic, this dialogue in performance and sound arts builds bridges between venues and artists. Cave12 and the Walcheturm pioneered by taking part in 2022. For this 2023 edition, we managed to break through the Gotthard with Oggimusica and Foce in Lugano. We were also able to establish a trans-Jurassic connection with Centre Culturel ABC in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Kaserne in Basel with Klappfon.

In these five venues of three linguistic regions, with about thirty artists from all over Switzerland, we organize a series of polymorphic performances that allow the possibility of experimenting with new sounds or with the space. As in a cabaret, the public attends a series of proposals, all very different, with sound poetry as the only common thread.

RöstiBrücke is an initiative by SZKMD production, with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia, the Republic and Canton of Geneva and Migros-Kulturprozent.