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Freitag 08.03.2024   20:30

Ronosterabak - RöstiBrücke 2024

Electroacoustic Cabaret
Yearly trans-linguistic exchange programme for sound artists in Switzerland since 2022

In various venues of different linguistic regions, with artists from all over Switzerland, we organize a series of polymorphic performances that allow the possibility of experimenting with new sounds and new spaces. As in a cabaret, the public attends a series of proposals, merging genres and sensitivities, with sound poetry as the only common thread.

20:30 Uhr Concerts

D.C.P - Fulmars
Drone, minimalisme, saturation, dégradation

D.C.P presents Fulmars
Fulmars is the encounter between an harmonium and a cassette recorder.
Fulmars is ultra-minimalist, hypnotic music.
Fulmars pushes the softness of the drones to the extreme, creating a moving, psychedelic mass of sound.
Fulmars degrades through a system of feedbacks and magnetic tapes.

Fhunyue Gao - FYI G
experimental, spoken word, weird pop, soundtrack

A duo-phonic interview for disparate monophonic voices.
An intimate encounter with the emotion of rage.
Attempts to renderization of inner world pixel dreams, on liberation from violence and domination.
Sound utopies on experiments of collective healing, and the broken within. A dialog between theremin, electronics and voice. 

Oratorio Virtuale
A/V electroacoustic rework of baroque music from 1675

Alberto Barberis, music, live electronics and visuals

Bera Romairone, saxophones live

Rajan Craveri, 3D algorithms

electroacoustic contemporary music based on baroque with live electronics, augmented saxophones and 3D particles visuals

Oratorio Virtuale is an electroacoustic rework of the baroque oratorio San Giovanni Battista composed in 1675 by Alessandro Stradella. An A/V experience of strong emotional impact, that explodes as an act of rebellion of ancestral and proto-human forces. Ineluctable natural forces, always capable of renewal, overcoming even the hyper-technology domination of our times.