Airlift Projekt


Mittwoch 15.06.2005 – Samstag 18.06.2005

Airlift Projekt

Donnerstag 15 Juni bis Sonntag 18 Juni

Airlift Project seeks to create a space for conversation about the possibility of a mutually understanding culture.

Mit:Huong Ngo, Th. Loa. thefather, Malian Lahey, Phil Shafer a.k.a Sike, Haseeb Ahmed, Daniel Douek, Michael Bonds, Jack Sloss, Amanda Gutierrez, Jess Giffin + Jim TerMeer, Peter Gschwend, Nia Easley, Saskia Rosset, Huong Ngo, Anja Moers & Daniel Gafner, Thomas Yun