China Drifting Festival


Freitag 04.04.2014 – Samstag 05.04.2014

China Drifting Festival

China Drifting Festival

Music & Visuals & Art from China

FRIDAY, 4 APRIL ab 20:00h

Beijing Opera Performance
Silent movie presented by IOIC: The Goddess (China 1934, 73 min) |
live scores by Huzi & Hua Dong (Beijing)

Audio-Visual Performance: 8gg (Beijing)

Duck Fight Goose   (Shanghai )  

Re-TROS |  (Beijing )

Rizzoknor (Zürich)

Huzi Live-Set (Beijing )

SATURDAY, 5 APRIL ab 20:00h

Silent movie presented by IOIC: Song of the Fishermen (China 1934, 57 min) | live scores by KRK (Steve Buchanan/Nadan Rojnic)

Lisa Secilia & Band (Zürich / Graubünden)

DJ OST aka Hua Dong (Beijing)

Audio-Visual Performance: 8gg (Beijing)

One of Them (Zürich)

Pet Conspiracy |  (Beijing |)

Kalabrese (Zürich), De La Bass (Zürich), Michal Ho (Zürich) 

Visuals  |   
Video installations by Liu Weiwei, Double Fly Art Center and 8gg. 
Live Visuals by 8gg. 

Illumination by Van Nutt.

Photo Exhibition
Food and daily life in China by Song Yun-Long.

Sensorary Sound Beats
Soundfloor performance by Steve Buchanan: L.S.D  |  E.106st   

Silent Films
Chinese Silent films set to live music in cooperation with IOIC