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Samstag 12.03.2022   20:30 - 22:00

Concept Store Quartet - Ambiguity



Concept Store Quartet ist:

 Alicja Pilarczyk Violine

 Pablo González Balaguer Saxophone

 Nejc Grm Akkordeon 

 Jeanne Larrouturou Percussion



Anda Kryeziu 

Saw tooth. Metal sikn for four performers and transducers (2021)


Mike Svoboda 

 Growth I - violin concerto for violin solo saxophone, accordion and percussion (2020)

 Mvt. 1: a dehydrated, pulverised, and then reconstituted (with lumps) 1903 recording of Joseph Joachim playing Brahms's Hungarian Dance No. 1

Mvt. 2: Isaac Stern speaking in 1999 about the founding of the National Endowment of Arts seen through a thick layer of nostalgia's sweet molasses

Mvt. 3: the Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina playing Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 frozen, broken in shards, and randomly reassembled


- Break - 


Wojtek Blecharz 

 Small Talks for accordion reed box and saxophone without the mouthpiece (2012-2013)


Andreas Frank 

Yes Yes No No Yes No No No for violin, saxophone, accordion, percussion and video (2021)


Mike Svoboda 

Growth II - concerto for snare drum for violin, saxophone, accordion and percussion (2020) 


Mvt. 1: wilted recitatives revitalized

Mvt. 2: a Kotsuzumi and Kagkegoe sandwich dipped in cultural appropriation

Mvt. 3: "Imagine" thunderclouds with Yoko Ono lighting bolts


Eintritt: CHF 25.- / 15.-

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