/ zürich


Mittwoch 19.01.2005 / zürich

people doing strange things with electricity in über 20 städten weltweit, jetzt auch in der schweiz! ist ein meeting von künstlern (sound/image/movement/jeglicher art), designern, ingeneuren, studenten und anderen kreativ interessierten aus der schweiz, die in schaffung und gestaltung elektronischer kunst (im weitmöglichsten sinne) involviert sind.

mathew ostrowski (usa):
atopia is the nonexistence of place, an experience masquerading as an environment

a set of pointers to sets of data which only exist in the encoded, mediated universe whose sole occupant is information
the world wide web. It is easily mistaken for a place, inhabited by corporations, bloggers, fetishists, and anyone else who believes they have something to say, show, or sell, but it has no objective reality as locale or terminus. Our habits of speech and ways of conceptualizing the day-to-day world lead us to believe that there is a destination at the end of a link, but there is no actual place
there is only a flow of data, an act of accumulation and disposal.

kiilo (ch):
particelsysteme spreads interconnectivity OSC (pd / eyesweb / reaktor) boygrouping - networked setups
CarnivoreVVVV CarnivoreVVVV winterthur

daniel bisig (ch):
conducting flocks is an experiment in restructuring media material based on principles of self-organization. In it's current form video and sound files are fragmented and assigned individually to simulated agents. Depending on user input these agents organize into groups or scatter, thereby constantly shifting the recognizabilty of the original material. biosonics allows users to interact with a growing artificial organism. In this simulation, growth is the result of an interaction between chemical and morphological processes. The user's input influences the distribution of chemicals within the organism. ÊHe's or her's influence on the ultimate appearance of the organism is therefore highly indirect and has to compete with the organism's own autonomy. ailab/people/dbisig