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Freitag 10.11.2017 – Sonntag 12.11.2017

gameZfestival 5.0

Freitag 10. November, 13:00 – 24:00 Uhr (Ausstellung ab 18:00 Uhr)
Samstag 11. November, 10:00 – 24:00 Uhr
Sonntag 12. November, 12:00 – 19:00 Uhr

gameZfestival is back for its fifth edition with three days of talks, international guests, indie game studios, panel discussions, awards and an OpenMic. This year's topic is 'Game Over!' with focus on deaths in videogames. The Festival's Highlights are Jakub Dvorsky from Amanita Design (CZ) and Transport Fever's Basil Weber (CH). Our conference track gameZ & ruleZ takes a closer look at motivational systems for non-human games. Yes, animals and robots want to play too! Festival and conference will be accompanied by a playable videogame exhibition.

Das internationale gameZfestival wird von der gameZfestival association, Game Lab und Game Design ZHdK organisiert.


Freitag 10. November
gameZ & ruleZ Konferenz: Non-human Games & Motivational Design (Chair: Dr. Mela Kocher)
13:00h – Opening
13:15h – Keynote #1: Hanna Wirman, PolyU (Hong Kong): Non-human animal play: Games’ potential for overcoming differences
14:15h – Michelle Westerlaken, Malmö University (SWE): Imagining Non-Speciesism: On Playful Encounters with Cats, Dogs, Ants, and Penguins
15:00h – Coffee break

gameZ & ruleZ Konferenz: Perspectives on Non-human Game Culture (Chair: Dr. Beat Suter)
15:30h – Gordan Savicic (A): Animal upgrade – BioPong and other game experiments
15:45h – Sonja Böckler (CH): Non-human Games
16:00h – Yanick Lukic (CH): Deep Learning as a Game Technology
16:15h – Coffee break

gameZfestival: Game Over
17:00h – Swiss Games Trailers 2017. Presented by Benjamin Andermatt and Philomena Schwab
17:15h – SGDA Junior Award 2017, presented by Luca Cannellotto, SGDA (CH)
17:30h – Coffee break
18:00h – Opening of Videogame Exhibition "Game Over". Curated by GameLab ZHdK and Master Students Game Design ZHdK
18:05h – "Game Over" Video. Presented by Max Moswitzer and René Bauer
18:15h – Live Geek-Sofa. SRF Digital
19:15h – David Stark, Zarkonnen (CH). Airships. Conquer the Skies
19:45h – Micha Stettler, Stray Fawn Studio (CH). NImbatus, the Space Drone Constructor
20:15h – Basil Weber, Urban Games (CH). Transport Fever - a tycoon game and its mods for the future
21:15h – Keynote #2: Ryan Green. Numinous Games (USA). That Dragon, Cancer

Samstag 11. November
gameZ & ruleZ conference: AI & Motivational Design (Chair: René Bauer)
10:15h – Coffee
11:00h – ghack (Günther Hack)(A): NPC and Me. How to become a Non-Player Character
12:00h – Michael Cook (UK): "Are you real?" Lessons about Humanity from a Game-Designing AI
13:00h – Lunch

gameZ & ruleZ conference: NPC's & Motivational Design (Chair: Dr. Mela Kocher)
14:30h – René Bauer (CH): Little Computer People. Why it's important to be polite
14:5h – Daniel Bisig (CH): Mating Dance of Robots
15:10h – Sarah Celebioglu (D) & Livio Lunin (CH): Tough Love. Building NPCs That Matter
15:30h – Coffee break

gameZfestival: Indie Games
16:00h – Selected Swiss Indie Production of 2017: We welcome: momo pi | Devader| Modsork | Letters the Game | Between the Lines | Mundaun | Sea of Fatness | Dungeon VR | Shock Fighter | FLUX | Next Shape, Senalux (Pixel with Hat)
18:00h – My favorite Game (but not my own). Panel moderated by René Bauer (CH). Our guests are: Roman Werner (TrapsAndTreasures, Amiga), Guido Berger (SRF), Renzo Thönen (Landwirschaftssimulator, GIANTS Software), *
19:00h - Game Business Talk 1: Flurin Jenal, Silvan Bauser. Struckd - Startup for a 3D game creation constructor
19:30h – Game Business Talk 2: ... to be announced
20:00h – Keynote #3: Jakub Dvorsky (Amanita Design) (CZ): Samorost 3 - explore the woods
21:00h – PinballZ - a new project. René Bauer (CH)

Sonntag 12. November
gameZfestival: exhibition, events, open mic and awards
12:00h – Meet the Designers: Exhibition "Game Over" open. Guided Tours with René Bauer and Max Moswitzer at 12:00 and 12:30
13:00h – Interactive Performance "Prügel" with Konglomerat M.I.D.I. (CH)
14:00h – Open Screen. Show your new idea or prototype in the exhibition space. No registering required
15:00h - Open Mic. Swiss Game Designers introduce their new projects in 5 minutes (Anmeldung unter info@gamezfestival.ch)
16:00h – Best of FANTOCHE Workshop Games 2017 (Game Design & Animation), presented by Livio Lunin
16:30h – Interactive Performance "Prügel" with Konglomerat M.I.D.I. (CH)
17:00h – gameZfestival Awards 2017 for the most creative game. Presented by Philomena Schwab & Livio Lunin: a) Best game mechanics, b) Best video game death
18:00h - Finissage