Samstag 22.03.2003


Alex McKenzie

Experimentalfilmer Alex McKenzie aus Vancouver Canada

auf seiner Europa-Tournee zu Gast im Kunstraum Walcheturm

VIDEOEX präsentiert in einem Doppelprogramm:

seine live Cinema Pertformance
Expanded Cinema, 2003, 20 Minuten, 2 ¥ 16mm mit Ton
sein neustes FilmWerk
2003, 45 Minuten

MacKenzie arbeitet seit über zehn Jahren in den Bereichen Experimentalfilm und Video.

In Zürich präsentiert er seine neusten Werke , in welchen er auf verschiedene Weise gefundenes altes Filmmaterial neu aufbereitet.

Sowohl in MEDI(CINE), worin er seltene 16mm Aufnahmen (amerikanisches Medizin Anschauungsmaterial)verwertet, vormals nur den Augen der Aerzte vorbehalten,

als auch in THIS FLEETING, einer Recherche nach verlorenen Momenten, die auf 10 Rollen 16mm-Film aus den Jahren 1947 -1957 wiederentdeckt wurden, stellt er das gefundene Material in einen neuen Zusammenhang , um es über die ursprüngliche Absicht hinaus zu überprüfen.

Durch das weglassen des geschichtlichen Kontext der Filmbruchstücke erfindet er deren Bedeutung neu und entdeckt verborgene Geschichten.

Zu beide Arbeiten enwickelt er vor Ort, mit Sampler und eigenen CDs den Soundtrack.

Alex MacKenzie works as a media curator, filmmaker and performer in the film and video fields. His works are simultaneously accessible and abstract, working from a model of both expanded cinema and performance with the serendipity of the hand-processed and degraded image integral to the work. Alex is the primary programmer and coordinator of The Blinding Light!! Cinema, an alternative and underground screening and performance space devoted to presenting cutting edge, underground, and obscure film and video 6 nights a week in Vancouver, Canada. He is also the Festival Director for the Vancouver Underground Film Festival. MacKenzie has been involved in independent cinema across Canada for over a decade and has lived in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver working in a variety of independent film-related positions with Cineworks, Mainfilm, the Pacific Cinematheque and The Blindng Light!! Cinema. With over a dozen films to his credit which have screened worldwide as well as being the recipient of numerous creative development and production grants from the Canada Council, MacKenzie has recently toured his transformative film performance works to festivals and avant-garde screenings in New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Olympia, Windsor, Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary. This is his first European tour.

"I am currently interested in reconfiguring, repositioning and recontextualizing outmoded and ephemeral film materials and media devices in order to examine them beyond their original intention and as a formal attempt to dehistorify and reinvent meaning." (Alex MacKenzie)

In 1996 I was handed a boxful of ten-minute reels containing 16mm home movies. Shot on gorgeous Kodachrome and in Black and White the films are an incredible document of a time in history - 1948 to 1957 Vancouver and around the world - a stunning record of people, places and activities. I was inspired to reinvent and retool meaning from these films. Until now this retooling for me has meant a conscious highlighting of intended moments of spectacle, beauty and awe. With THIS FLEETING, I explore precisely the opposite. What of moments that are unintentional, unplanned, and finally, undesired? THIS FLEETING is, then, a reconfiguring of the minute and fragile moments of unintended beauty captured by a stranger in the middle of the twentieth century. Exploring the structural and visual fields with equal interest, a language of movement and invisible history is magnified, slowed down and meticulously uncovered.
"THIS FLEETING is a re-take on the empire of family, going back through a single family's archive and relooking at the moments, the gestures of inclusion and exclusion, the way they've managed to say yes with the camera. These home movies were originally made between 1948-1957 and feature bathing beauties, parades, cars, trips abroad and much much more. Relive the dream." (Mike Hoolboom)

Through a subtle and mesmerizing recombination of rare 16mm American medical films (originally intended for doctors' eyes only), MEDI(CINE) jars us with unexpected clashes of images and subtle gestures of reinterpreted visual and audio information, rendering illness as beauty - the decomposing and recomposing body as site of transformation. Using colour gels, hand-masking and image-layering in a two-screen live presentation, MEDI(CINE) blends original sounds with re-tooled audio in an expanded cinema performance of physical catastrophe.
"The sheer virtuosity of MacKenzieâs live film performance is enough to blur the line between cinema and historical re-enactment. This is history - that which is made only when reproduced - the vital urge to comprehend what has not been lived, to find meaning in the abandoned fragments of mere grandeur." (Jeremy Rigsby, Artistic Director, Mediacity)