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Mittwoch 20.06.2018

tomoko sauvage, lucy railton, ji youn kang

20. Juni 2018, 20:00 Uhr

tomoko sauvage (jp, shelter press), lucy railton (uk, modern love), ji youn kang (skr)

präsentiert von OOR Saloon

Tomoko Sauvage (JP, Shelter Press)
For more than ten years, Tomoko Sauvage has been investigating the sound and visual properties of water in different states, as well as those of ceramics, combined with electronics. Porcelain bowls of different sizes, filled with water and amplified via hydrophones (underwater microphones), waterbowls is a kind of natural synthesizer that generates fluid timbre using waves, drops and bubbles. These recipients resonate and also produce subaquatic feedback, an acoustic phenomenon that requires fine tuning depending on the amount of water, a subtle volume control and interaction with the acoustic space. Through primordial materials and playful gestures, Tomoko Sauvage searches for a fragile balance between randomness and discipline, chaos and order. Her second album "Musique Hydromantique", alluding to hydromancy - divination by means of water - was released by Shelter Press in 2017.

Lucy Railton (UK, Modern Love)
(b.1985) is a London and Berlin based musician and considered one of the leading instrumentalists working in experimental and electronic new music today.
She just released her astonishing Solo Debut «Paradise 94» on Modern Love. Lucy Railton is a prolific performer who has appeared on countless recordings and collaborations with many important figures in contemporary music over the last few years. Paradise 94 is, remarkably, her solo debut - featuring archival, location and studio recordings which serve as a time capsule of all the myriad disciplines and influences that have brought her to this point in time. It both plays up to and shatters expectations of her music, which harnesses a duality of energies - acoustic/electronic, real/imagined, iconic/iconoclastic, pissed-off/romantic; out of place and androgynous - resulting in a visceral emotional insight and rare narrative grasp.

Ji Youn Kang (SKR)
Channeling the traditional rites of Korean Shamanism, Ji Youn Kang explores the relationship between musical and physical spaces. In her solo performances, the South Korean composer, sound artist and performer employs a range of traditional and non-traditional instruments to harness the empowering, rhythmic elements and noisy sound sources of Korean ritual music.